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McCarthy’s Salons in Nantwich is the culmination of an almost lifelong dream and so far I’m really pleased with the way things are going. As you will see from this website and from some of the photos, I just love colour, and I have tried to create an environment that reflects my personality. As my friends and clients will testify, I am a very friendly and outgoing person, and you will find our salon a very warm and welcoming experience.

Yoga Masters UK

YOGA MASTERS UK was founded in 2020 in Nantwich Cheshire in order to support & foster mindfulness & physical wellbeing in the surrounding community. Alongside Yoga Classes we will be offering a variety of approaches to achieve and maintain optimal well being .




Inspire Change with Award-Winning Natural Beauty Products
Inspired by nature, Living Pure Natural combines advances in science with the wisdom of traditional skincare. Using only natural ingredients from places and people it trusts, Living Pure Natural creates fragrant, gentle and effective products which  are kind to people and planet



The beauty industry is one of the largest producers of aluminium waste, with each salon using an average of 2km of tinfoil a month. Most of this ends up in landfill where it can take over 400 years to degrade. Paper Not Foil is the first truly sustainable alternative, with no toxic waste in production or disposal. We are reducing our salon’s footprint by using “Paper Not Foil”


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