Fuente is our New Range of products and colours for ‘2017’. All the products and colours are completely Vegan Friendly with none of the harsh chemicals including ‘parabanes, sulphates and sodium’ and have not been tested on animals. All these colours give a GORGEOUS shine and leave your hair feeling so silky and soft.


Claire, the director of the salon has recently got a job with Fuente as a Salon Trainer and brings the rest of the team at McCarthy’s Salons the best knowledge and training on this range, which the team will then deliver to you through the consultation and service.


If you would like anymore information or to book in for a free colour consultation please don’t hesitate to ring us on ‘01270 610105’ we are more than happy to tell you more.



‘Hair Breakage Solved’ – We LOVE this product, it can help the impossible become possible! Very pleased to say ‘Olaplex’ is a Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly Product.






Milk-Shake is a natural range of products and colours that are paraben, sulphate and sodium free.They are gentle and are designed to reconstruct and strengthen hair using milk protein and fruit extracts, with prolonged use. Our colours give shine and lustre to even the dullest hair, whilst covering grey, using low levels of developer.
We are against animal cruelty and have been insured that all our products and colours are cruelty free.






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