McCarthy’s Salons in Nantwich is the culmination of an almost lifelong dream and so far I’m really pleased with the way things are going. As you will see from this website and from some of the photos, I just love colour, and I have tried to create an environment that reflects my personality. As my friends and clients will testify, I am a very friendly and outgoing person, and you will find our salon a very warm and welcoming experience.

I have been in hairdressing for over 22 years now, having previously spent 10 years living and working in Jersey, in the Channel Islands. I started out my hairdressing career in a small salon in Runcorn, where I originally come from, and it was while I was there that I found out about a manager’s position in a salon in a quaint little town called Nantwich.

I really enjoy living and working in Nantwich, and it has been a great place to bring up my son, who is now a strapping teenager. Here he is helping out at the open evening of McCarthy’s Salons – he makes me so proud (well sometimes anyway – he is a teenager after all!).


I enjoyed my time managing the salon and I learnt an incredible amount from my boss and colleagues and attended numerous courses to become a better hairdresser and manager. Good things however do come to an end, and the long hours became a problem balancing the responsibilities of home and work, so I decided to move and spend more time with my son. That’s when I then decided to set up as Lou’s Mobile Hairdressing, brought on by frequently bumping into my old clients, walking the dog or doing my shopping. 

It wasn’t plain sailing to begin with as I had no transport, so I got on my bike and rode to my clients, no matter what the weather. As my small business grew I got a car and also went back to college, moved up another level in hairdressing, did my Computer Driving Licence qualification, and also became a fully qualified assessor.

The opportunity to take over a Nantwich hairdressers salon in a prime spot on Nantwich’s Welsh Row and the combination of my experiences so far has brought me to where I am today – A director of my own company, McCarthy’s Salons, with an opportunity to train young people in the art of hair and to continue doing the job I love. As you can see from the photos above, my ex-husband and I gutted this place and with some help from my son we created the salon I have now.

We Officially opened the salon on 2nd November 2012, and I thank Sophie Reade for cutting the ribbon, and for all the guests who turned up on a dark, cold night.
Anyway, that’s enough of my rambling, if you want to find out more about me you’ll have to come to the salon – I really do look forward to meeting you and providing you with a hairdressing experience you will want to come back for.

We have tried to steer away from the bland and boring style of most hairdresser’s websites and aim to make this a welcoming, informative, friendly and chatty website – just like us. We aim to be THE Nantwich hairdressers that people love to come to

“If your hair isn’t becoming to you, you should be coming to us There is no better hairstyle then Your own style”